Different Care understands the peace of mind that this service creates for loved ones. Most of our service users families and friends use this service as there is none like it elsewhere.

If you live far away from a loved one, or you may be of a certain age yourself and find it difficult to run out when there is and emergency. Or you have family and work to consider this is the service for you.

Few people know how the lifeline works, if your loved one presses the button the service will either call the emergency services (depending on what the issue is) and/or they will call the person who is the emergency contact, it is then up to that person to meet the person at the hospital or go and provide assistance, the life line does not do that for you. This is a common mistake that people make.

What we do:-


We can be the first emergency contact for the lifeline, so if there is an emergency we can meet the person at the hospital or get to the house before they are taken and go with them.

Or, if it is not that kind of emergency we can call the person at home to check if they are ok, sometimes its just reassurance needed.

Or, go over to the house and provide whatever assistance is required.


If it is not a lifeline emergency,

We are on the end of the phone for any other issue, sometimes it is just reassurance needed, other times we will need to go over to the house to assist.

For example:-

We have a service user who frequently calls their family member to assist with minor issues but they live far away, so the family member calls us and we go over to the house to assist.

For costs and more detail about how this service could work for you call - 0151-724-4507