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I want to say a MASSIVE well done to Jayne Connery founder of the Care campaign for the Vulnerable and everyone who worked hard to get CCTV in care homes. I know the care home industry only too well and have encouraged families to put cameras in their relatives rooms in the past.

I tell my staff that we recommend to our service users and their families to place CCTV in their homes to show good faith and to ensure our staff work with


This is now the only true way to ensure our values are upheld. Along with an open and transparent ethos and care culture within our organisation and running that ethos through our extensive training and support of our staff teams.


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Jayne very kindly suggested that:

She would like to bottle my attitude and sell it to the industry.

Great honour thanks Jayne.

Informed Laura (team member) that a service users' son had called to let us know that she had gone above and beyond for his mother that day, she made her comfortable after a bit of a crisis.

Well done Laura you are a shining star at Different Care and you make us what we are... Different XXX

Laura replied:

Always a pleasure putting the effort in on behalf of DC, thanks Sam 💜