Different Care staff are fully trained in all aspects of medication assistance. There are three levels of assistance:-

  1. Prompting:- this is when a service user can open their own medication and take it themselves but just need someone to tell them when to take it.
  2. Assistance:- this is when a service user cannot open their own medication but they can take it themselves, our staff can make the correct medication available for it to be taken.
  3. Administration:- this is when a service user cannot open their own medication and cannot take it themselves. Different Care is very strict on consent and our staff will always ask the service user if they want to take their medication and when consent has been give they will then administer the correct medication at the correct time.

If for any reason consent is difficult a best interest meeting will take place with the relevant professionals and family members in order that the service user has access to full treatment.


Most Pharmacies deliver medication and gain repeat prescriptions which is a great service, however they don't all do it. Different Care can assist with any part of the system from ordering the medication to picking it up from the pharmacy. Different Care can also ensure the medication reviews happen, as these are often missed.