Different Care Ltd exclusively use Different Training Solutions for all of their training needs.


As the Directors of Different Care are the Directors of Different Training Solutions for one reason, we have the same philosophy on training as with care.

We do not believe in distance learning, we do not believe in people being taught by computers we believe that

'real people need to be trained by real people to care for real people'.

All of our staff are put through every level of training to ensure maximum skills and knowledge for every level of the company.

The Directors of Different Training Solutions are Master Coaches through the International Coaching Academy and part of that training was to gain the Accelerated Learning Coach status.

When our staff first start with us they are given their mandatory training which includes:-

  • Moving and Handling of People
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Safe Administration of Medication
  • Infection Control

Then staff are trained in non mandatory training which includes:-

  • Continence Care
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Stroke Awareness
  • Sepsis Awareness
  • Pressure Area Management

Different Care and Different Training Solutions Director Samantha Yeadon has her MSc in Dementia Studies from Stirling University. With this qualification and her Personal Performance Coaching qualification she has combined the two to create a Dementia Coaching course, this course trains Different Care staff to not only understand Dementia and how it presents but how to support the person and their loved ones with practical coaching/assistance.